Jeff Hardy’s legal troubles continue to grow.

According to TMZ, the WWE superstar, a.k.a. Brother Nero, was arrested at around 10:30 p.m. Thursday (Oct. 3) in Moore County, North Carolina and booked for driving while impaired as well as driving on a revoked license. Law enforcement told the outlet Hardy’s BAC was registered at .25, which more than three times the legal limit. The incident marks Hardy’s second DWI arrest since March 2018.

Matt Hardy, the other half of The Hardy Boyz, responded to the arrest via Twitter on Saturday, suggesting there is nothing more he can do to help his brother get back on track.

“Since so many have asked me about my brother tonight-I love my brother & want him to be happy & healthy, I’ve expressed that to him as much as I can,” he wrote. “Jeff has to make his decisions about his life. I have to focus on my 2 boys & soon to arrive son. I can only control MY actions.

The WWE echoed Matt in a statement that simply read: “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.”

Hardy’s latest arrest occurred less than three months after he was booked for public intoxication in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina. The wrestler, who has struggled with substance abuse over the years, addressed his addictions during a 2018 appearance on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory Podcast.

“I’m more sociable when I’m high I guess. I’m a very quiet person,” he explained. “I think that’s probably the main reason just around crowds it made me more open and want to talk more. I think it must be more from my mom. I never really got to know her. I think I must’ve got it from her because Matt as far as being sociable is more like my dad.”

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