The hardest working man in Hollywood is set to return to the ring, but not the ring you think. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has found another smaller-scale project in the form of a biopic surrounding MMA and UFC champ Mark Kerr.

According to Variety, The Rock will produce the film through his production company, Seven Bucks Productions, but no studio has been attached yet.

“I’m proud to say that myself and Seven Bucks Productions are going to make a film about the life of one of your founding fathers, the pioneering founding fathers, ‘The Smashing Machine’ Mark Kerr,” Johnson said.

“Mark Kerr’s story is such an incredible story. Here’s a guy who won the two-time heavyweight tournament in the early stages of UFC, and here’s a guy who also went over to PRIDE, (and) he had this incredible run. As many of these warriors have, and I wanted to shine a spotlight on this man.”

Johnson will play Kerr in the movie about his life, and the former UFC and PRIDE fighter will consult on the film during production.