Dancehall entertainer, Grace ‘Spice’ Hamilton just keeps on winning! She was recently crowned the Queen of Stage in Dancehall at the celebration of Magnum’s 20th anniversary and she is also their newest brand ambassador. And now, after launching her hair collection for her company, Faces & Laces, she is stepping even further into the beauty industry.

Spice has launched her makeup product called “Piano Palette”, which is a reflection of her love for cosmetics and also music. The Piano Palette was released on Thursday, November 28, along with her stylish microphone brushes, and the Cool It artiste treated her supporters to a 40% discount for the first 24 hours after its release.

The palette is available on her website, and is filled with bright and shiny colors, some of which are named after her songs, including Genie, Needle Eye, and Romantic Mood. Spice got her fans excited after posting the teaser of the palette on her Instagram page. Spice said, “I went the extra mile to create a makeup palette and brushes that I’m sure you will love. I can’t wait to show it to you.”

– Dancehall Mag

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