Cardi B is standing by her man.

The rapper posted a now-deleted video on her official Instagram account Tuesday addressing what she and her husband, fellow artist Offset, said was a hack of his social media accounts.
In the video, she is with her rapper husband as he holds their infant daughter, Kulture.
Cardi used some colorful language to explain that while many people may be aware they have had some problems in the past, she’s not getting upset about recent speculation that Offset may have reached out to another woman via direct message on Instagram.
Instead, Cardi B and Offset posted videos meant to prove that he had been hacked.

The superstar couple split in December 2018 amid allegations of infidelity on Offset’s part.
Offset, who is a member of the rap group Migos, launched a very public campaign to get his wife back and the couple reunited months later.

The hack became the talk of Twitter after a woman named Jade, who identifies herself as the girlfriend of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, posted a video which appeared to show a direct message to her Instagram from Offset’s verified Instagram account.
The direct message reads “Miss you [for real].”
Jade used equally colorful language in the caption to her video, which questioned Offset’s respect for his wife and mentioned that Cardi B was currently involved in a court case regarding an alleged attack.
Jade’s video has also been deleted but remains online as it has been shared by others on Twitter.
Cardi B was indicted in June by a grand jury for her alleged participation in a fight at a Queens, New York strip club during the summer of 2018.

On the video she posted Tuesday the rapper talked about her marriage, saying “We’ve been so good.”
“We had a sweet weekend, life has been good,” she said. “That’s why I ain’t getting no rowdy. Simple as that. Okay, love you guys.”
On her Instagram stories Cardi posted a video of her husband showing an email from Instagram regarding the hack.