Mavado drops off his new track “Top Shotta Is Back” with The Baker giving it a worthy intro.

On Friday we got a taste of what head-chef Mavado and sous chef Jordan of Chimney Records was mixing when the Gully Gad posted a video from the studio they were in. Later that same day, we got the finished pastry, and yes, it involves some splendid vocals from Donovan Stewart, otherwise called ‘The Baker.’ The new track is fittingly titled “Top Shotta Is Back,” taking its reference from the heroic actions that the ‘The Baker’ performed when he disarmed a robber who was armed with an AK automatic rifle. Donovan, who hailed from Kingston but now resides in Florida, recounted the incident to a local news network. His animated explanation went viral, leading to the creation of various memes and what many would now consider a foot into the music industry.

The melody Mavado brings to the track as he elaborates on the various ways his enemies will meet their end is quite chilling.

“Spread the word, Top Shotta is Back / Real Life So I keep Baking it, empty the glock 17 inna him chest,” are the words expressed by ‘The Baker’ before the Mavado joins in. “Yuh nuh see the p**sy them a flip so me give them everything inna the clip … run up inna me gun like iron line dem / boy lost family a try and find dem / tek yuh big head save me dollar coin dem / rifle tie and dye dem.”

The song was released yesterday, and it has already topped Youtube’s Trending charts.

Check out the track below:

-Urban Islandz