To ring in the new year, Diddy got on Instagram to spread motivation to his fans who had a tough year just like he did.

In the emotional post, the Hip Hop mogul got candid and opened up in the two-minute video.

“2019 was a crazy year. It was a great year for some of us and for some of us that shit was really, really, really hard man,” he says in the opening minutes. “I want to tell everybody that went through the shift and had a hard year, dealt or is dealing with heartbreak or loss or just not knowing where they’re going. Depression, you know, the energy was real, real heavy out there.”

Diddy continues with his speech revealing he had his own bout with depression last year following the passing of Kim Porter, the mother of three of his children. “I even got affected by it, you know. 2019 was the year I honestly felt like I wanted to give up.”

But Diddy is not one to have anything keep him down. He offered a ray of hope to those who struggled this past year saying God doesn’t give any burdens to those who can’t handle them. He proceeded to comment on his own pain-staking burden saying he went through a dark depression all of 2019.

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