Young Thug, mere months removed from accurately asserting that he’s never bricked an outfit in his entire life, has given fans something truly special to be thankful for this holiday season.

On Dec. 25, Thugger alerted the world to the launch of the online shop for his long-teased SPIDER brand.

At the time of this writing, the pieces displayed on the official SPIDER site included a black web hoodie for $175, a black denim jacket for $900, and black sweats for $150. The hoodie, however, appeared to be sold out. Get a glimpse at the first wave of Thugger’s online SPIDER launch, which will see the debut of new items on a daily basis until the start of 2020, via the images below:

“I always knew how to rap my whole life and I just ended up making it in rap,” Thugger told GQ back in August when teasing his future plans for the SPIDER label. “Now, I’m able to live out my dream and create clothes—menswear, womenswear, unisex. I’m being able to create what I wanted to do. This is what I always wanted to do my whole life.” Asked to tease SPIDER’s future even further by naming some potential collaborators, Thugger opted to let loose only a single name: Virgil Abloh.