The No. 2 jersey worn by Gianna “Gigi” Bryant was retired at her school.

Harbor Day School held a beautiful ceremony with the 13-year-old’s picture on a projector. Her teammates, friends, basketball coaches, teachers, and school administrators took turns to deliver touching eulogies as they remembered her as a sweet and humble person.

“She never came to school and bragged about anything,” Yunga Webb, her music teacher, and former adviser, said, according to TODAY. “She was one of the most humble people I’ve ever known.”

Gigi’s classmates are doing small things to remember their friend who lost her life too soon. One example is the music teacher still calling her name during attendance. “We (still) call her name. And when we call her name, I hear 40-plus kids say ‘here,’” Webb said, TODAY reported. “In honor of her. Because she’s always with us.”

Gianna Bryant died in a tragic helicopter crash alongside her father, Kobe Bryant, and seven other people. They were en route to one of her games at Mamba Academy but unfortunately didn’t make it.

Vanessa Bryant shared videos of the beautiful moment on Instagram: