Who would have thought a mashup on social media would deliver a hit? Producer and self-proclaimed remixer iMarkkeyz provided laughs when he flipped Cardi B’s rant on coronavirus over the weekend and now, the track is a hit on the iTunes charts.

Released on iTunes by the producer on March 13, the track has found its way to the top of both the Top Hip-Hop/Rap and Top Songs Chart on iTunes. In her original rant, Cardi warned fans to take the pandemic seriously as cases started to rise in the United States.

“I don’t know what the coronavirus is about but I’m not going to front, a b***h is scared and it has me panicking,” she said. The rapper also predicted how it would affect consumers. “Just because you think you’re immune to it guess what? Your pockets ain’t. If you’re wondering why your weave or your Fashion Nova packages haven’t arrived guess what b***h? Coronavirus, coronavirus, s**t is getting real, it’s getting real.”