Netflix’s Tiger King has been out for almost two months now, but the well-timed runaway hit is showing no signs of disappearing, with yet another follow-up reportedly in the works.

After a talk show-style spin-off episode, and even rumours of a PETA-backed comic book, The Hollywood Reporter is now saying that another episode under the Tiger King name is on its way.

The episode, which is hoping to focus on a tiger attack that happened during Siegfried & Roy’s live Las Vegas show in 2003, is said to be a ‘corrective’ conclusion to the Tiger King series, which many have criticised for its distracted attempts at covering conservation issues.

Dr James Liu – an associate of Tiger King co-director Eric Goode’s Turtle Conservancy organisation – hinted that the new episode will be a “higher-minded corrective” to both the original series and the spin-off hosted by Joel McHale.

A spokesperson for Eric Goode’s film company suggested reports of a Tiger King sequel were true, but insisted that it was not the case “that [its] direction is going in a more conservational route”.