The past few years have been filled with highs and lows for DMX. Prison stints and rehab have made up a large chunk of his life throughout the 2010s but following his recent arrest, he’s been back in the limelight as fans await his comeback album.

Unfortunately, he’s facing new legal and financial trouble. Bossip reports that the State Of New York filed a tax warrant against X for back taxes amounting to nearly a quarter-million dollars. The rapper reportedly is in the hole for $224,845 in state income taxes. His attorney, Murray Richman, said that they expected New York state would file a lien against DMX. However, he didn’t share any details surrounding the actual scenario.

“Earl is doing really well,” Richman told the website. “He’s been working on a documentary. While everybody has been down, he’s been working in Tennessee… He’s a terrific guy, love him.”

DMX faced issues with taxes in the past that have resulted in his incarceration. He previously spent a year in prison after he was convicted of tax fraud. Feds claimed that he intentionally dodged paying federal income taxes that amounted to about $2.2M.

Hopefully, this entire thing gets sorted out without DMX having to go back to jail.

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