American rap legend, Missy Elliott, has endorsed her colleague Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw’s message, for all dis-fellowed Christians to return to the fold.

On Monday, the Get Ur Freak On artiste retweeted a video clip of Hall’s performance of her gospel dancehall song Tun Back Christians at the Digicel Unplugged show, which was held on Sunday, May 24 and issued kudos to Jamaica’s most celebrated female dancehall artiste.

“Okaaaaay Yes… Come through Minister Marion Hall give us the word!!!!” she captioned the post, which evoked a flurry of comments from some of her followers, some of whom said they had no idea the St. Mary native had become a Christian.

Some Dancehall fans on Twitter were moved by the clip of the Unplugged performance, though it appears not in the way Minister Hall had intended.

“Nothing about Lady Saw gospel music makes me wanna repent. I be shaking a– same way, and that’s why I don’t listen to it,” said one fan.

“So you telling me Lady Saw does not want me to skin out to this jam?” added another.

One Twitter user declared, “You can take Lady Saw out the Dancehall but you can’t take the dancehall out of Lady Saw.”

Hall, who turns 47 on July 12, got baptized in December 2015.

Many fans seemed unaware that Tun Back Christians was the 10th track from Hall’s 17-track sophomore gospel album titled His Grace, which was released in July 2018.
-Dancehall Mag